Welcome to Math4Humans

If you are searching for easy-to-understand explanations of even the most complex mathematical concepts, then you have come to the right place. Here, we start with basic arithmetic and proceed all the way through to college-level material.

Our format is consistent and clean in an attempt to remove most of the clutter and confusion often found in textbooks – math need not be intimidating. We cover mathematical techniques in smaller chunks, so that the time between learning something new and applying what was learned is greatly reduced in comparison to traditional math classes. This, we hope, cuts down on the boredom generally associated with math and keeps you motivated by immediate results. You can excel at math, and doing so doesn’t have to be tiresome!

You will never find us giving you easy examples followed by impossibly hard self-test problems, because we realize this is counterproductive and only results in frustration. Instead, we give you an ever-increasing supply of worked examples in a range of difficulties, so that you can learn by dissection. In conjunction with those, we provide a complementary range of self-test problems that closely mirror what has already been covered. Quality and quantity of realistic examples are both important when trying to master a new mathematical technique, and, of course, we have those bases covered.

We also provide you with videos, images, and links to other helpful resources. Because we share none of the same limitations of traditional media, we can, and, indeed, are, more comprehensive and immersive than they can be. That said, if we think a particular book, DVD, or “cheat-sheet” would be a good resource for supplementing your studies, we don’t shy away from recommending it. We’re more concerned with helping people understand mathematics than we are with selling products.

Now, no sense in further postponing what you came here for: go ahead and start learning basic mathalgebra, (and much more to come soon)…