About Math4Humans

The idea for the project came about while Andrew D. Anderson was muddling through matrix theory at the University of Chicago in the winter of 2008. The material was tough, the university was a mile away, and the weather was dismal. If a concept didn’t “click” right away, getting help came down to drudging through snowbanks to go see a grad student majoring in mathematics, or wading through the internet to find a free website that attempted to clarify the concept at hand. As it turns out, math help gets awfully sparse and hard to understand after calculus…

That’s exactly why Math4Humans came into existence; as an attempt to provide easy-to-understand material for higher-level mathematics when you’d rather not walk to a university in the snow just so you can “get it”. Of course, the project has come to be more than that.

Often times, to make a concept more clear in advanced mathematics, you’ve got to go back to not-so-advanced mathematics. Sometimes, you’ve got to relearn what you thought you already knew. So, we thought it wise to do that here too.

Then, we thought about the children – those poor college-students-to-be. It sure would be nice if they could learn math the right way from their very first addition problems. So, we decided to tackle that challenge as well.

The culmination of all of these high-hopes and lofty aspirations is the site that you find yourself reading at the moment. Wish us luck as we attempt to demystify mathematics for the masses!